Singapore Daisy

Die, Daisy, Die! (continued)

More About The Herbicide

We prepackage the MSM and surfactant into plastic restaurant portion containers, which makes life simple. Just grab two (or more) plus a bucket of water for dilution and go spray. You can even give a couple of containers to your neighbours to encourage them!
For beach work, use sea water – the osmotic effect of the salt actually increases the effectiveness of the MSM by dehydrating the plant and making it soak up more spray. (And you don’t have to carry fresh water!) Caution: Do rinse off your sprayer afterwards. It'll last longer.

Pre-packaged MSM and surfactant for backpack sprayers


Use a cheap plastic medicine measure. An adequate amount of MSM for a 17 litre sprayer occupies 2mL. The dosage is really not critical. You will need 20 mL of surfactant as well (there are many brands available). We use EconoWet .


Sharing weed control resources in neighbourhoods makes for more-efficient weed control - and better neighbourly relations as a "collateral benefit". MSM in its various forms comes as 500g bottles, and surfactants come in 20 litre packs, and while it's possible for everybody to go out and buy his or her own (at great expense), nobody needs such huge amounts of stuff to do a spraying. It makes way more sense to distribute individual doses in areas where Singapore Daisy infestations are a problem.

Enough pre-packed MSM for an entire neighbourhood